Boat rent Tenerife
Catamaran rental in Tenerife

Catamaran rental in Tenerife

Catamaran rental, catamaran cruises in Tenerife for groups, companies, events.

Everyone knows that Tenerife is an amazing vacation destination. And we guarantee that sailing on a catamaran will be the most memorable adventure of your vacation. Nothing can compare to the beauty of nature, which is why catamaran rental in Tenerife is a highly popular and beloved activity. From the deck of the boat, you will witness views that are simply impossible to see on land.

A catamaran journey can be completely private without any distractions from outsiders, and if you don't have a specific celebration in mind, we will gather a group of travelers for you. We are flexible and ready to fulfill your expectations to the fullest!

Why choose a catamaran journey in Tenerife?

  • Various foods and drinks to suit everyone's taste.

  • If you are planning a celebration, a catamaran is a great venue as it can accommodate up to 45 people.

  • During the journey, you will have the opportunity to see dolphins, whales, or even giant sea turtles up close.

  • It will be interesting for enthusiasts of active relaxation as you will have the chance to swim in the waters of the Atlantic or try snorkeling.

Book the boat
23-seater catamaran
Full boat rental: 1390 €
Price per passenger for group booking: 69 €
Recreational catamaran for 45 persons
Full boat rental: 735 €
Price per passenger for group booking: 59 €
Recreational catamaran with glass floor
Full boat rental: 950 €
Price per passenger for group booking: 85 €
Catamaran rental in Tenerife
Catamaran Tenerife
Ship in Tenerife
Catamaran rental in Tenerife
Excursion in Tenerife
Catamaran rental in Tenerife
catamaran Tenerife
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Whale watching in Tenerife
Catamaran rental in Tenerife
Ship in Tenerife
More about the trip

Welcome to Tenerife! Since you have chosen this direction of travel, we are sure that

ad, you appreciate quality rest, that's why we are ready to supplement your vacation with an unforgettable life adventure. Tenerife has a lot to offer for both active holidaymakers and peace-lovers alike, and sailing on a catamaran is something that will appeal to everyone. You will be able to rest, completely relax, admire nature, and if you want to spend your time more actively, you will have the opportunity to swim in the refreshing Atlantic Ocean or even enjoy diving. Even words cannot describe the beauty that lies under the water.

Renting a catamaran in Tenerife is a must-try when you come to this beautiful part of the world, because there is simply nothing more beautiful than what nature has created - the majesty of the ocean and the amazing beauty of the island's landscape.

On this trip, you will take a break from the hustle and bustle, enjoy the enchanting local landscape, indulge yourself in sunbathing on the ship's deck and relax in complete peace. Renting a catamaran in Tenerife will appeal to everyone who appreciates the beauty of nature, comfort and privacy.

Go on this unforgettable adventure of a lifetime with friends or the company of the closest people, the spacious catamaran will comfortably accommodate all guests. Renting a catamaran in Tenerife is the best entertainment for those who want to celebrate an unforgettable family holiday or have a cozy time with friends. So that you have as few worries as possible and that the moments of the trip remain in your memory for a lifetime, we can arrange for a professional photographer to accompany you on the trip and capture the special moments of your life. You just tell us what kind of adventure you want, and we will try to fulfill all your expectations.

Renting a catamaran is a convenient and unique way to get to know the Atlantic Ocean and its inhabitants up close. Dolphins and whales are not all you will see, because from the deck of the ship you can see a completely different, stunning landscape of the island with a wonderful panorama of the cities, majestic rocks and the unique nature of this island. the vegetation of the land. You will see what is simply impossible to see on land. The corners of nature, bays and majestic rocks untouched by human hands. See where dolphins live and where whales make their homes, experience what it means to swim in the Atlantic Ocean, breathe and see. Because you will remember this all your life and you want to come back here again and again.

It doesn't matter if you are planning a celebration or just like to have a good time, all travelers will feel comfortable on the catamaran. Every guest is special to us, so we will not only provide an exciting trip, but during this special adventure we will treat you to cold and hot snacks, exotic fruits, wine, beer , sparkling wine, soft drinks or just water. You can enjoy local fruits, sandwiches or other snacks. And those who wish can also order hot dishes.

Renting a catamaran in Tenerife gives you the unique opportunity to see something that is impossible to see on land. This outing can be peaceful and relaxing, and those who like to spend their time actively will be able to enjoy themselves: swimming in the Atlantic Ocean or even trying snorkeling.

The latter service is available at an additional cost, so please inform us before embarking on this adventure regarding diving. While sailing on a catamaran, you will have a unique opportunity to see the life of dolphins and whales up close, as we will sail very close to their natural habitats. And if we're lucky, we might even see your giant turtles. In short, the views will amaze both above and below the water!

Sailing on a catamaran into the mesmerizing Atlantic Ocean is something you must experience when you come to Tenerife. This island is special and enchanting in its beauty, but what you will see while sailing, you will not see anywhere else. Just don't forget your camera, because you want to capture every moment of this trip!