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Whale and dolphin watching in Tenerife

Whale and dolphin watching in Tenerife

See dolphins and whales in Tenerife. Unique experiences for you, your family and friends.

Let’s enjoy the Whale and Dolphin Society in Tenerife while sailing around
Atlantic Ocean on a luxury catamaran, admiring whales and dolphins,
comfortably seated in the front seats.

We offer you the best whale and dolphin watching trips in Tenerife.

This tour of whales and dolphins will help you immerse yourself in the amazing world of whales, dolphins and ocean turtles.

And how about without bathing? !!! Choose scuba diving or simply soak up the sun in front of Tenerife’s stunning mountain scenery.
Come to us with couples and families and we will make you a REAL holiday!

  • We offer whale and dolphin watching trips all day, seven days a week.

  • Food and drinks are included in the price.

  • For your convenience, we also provide a shuttle service. We can pick you up and transfer you to the hotel.

  • Thousands of passengers rated the impressions of our trips to dolphins with 5 stars.

The shuttle service is provided only to the south of Tenerife and not from Puerto de la Cruz or the north side of the island.

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Whale and dolphin watching in Tenerife
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More about the trip

Dolphins are extremely cute and friendly inhabitants of the ocean. And although dolphins are wild animals, their relationship with humans can be very close. People have been admiring dolphins for many years, observing them, analyzing their lifestyle and finding out what abilities these ocean mammals have, so dolphin watching is carried out not only for entertainment, but also for scientific purposes.

Many have probably seen these beauties of the ocean many times in captivity, but when they are close to home, in the wild, they behave very differently, which is why dolphin watching in Tenerife is an extremely popular choice. Interestingly, dolphins are not afraid of people and sailing ships, they are curious and want to see us themselves. They are very interested in getting to know the guests who visit their home. Dolphins are incredibly friendly and completely harmless, and when you look at them it seems as if they are smiling and interacting with people.

Such experiences are truly magical, so this adventure will delight every guest of the island. What you will see and what you will experience is simply unique and cannot be described in words. Children who go on a dolphin watching excursion will have no time to be bored during the trip. They carefully observe all the ocean life and only gasp in amazement when they see a dolphin jumping out of the water or a whale passing by the ship.

The adventure will not leave adults indifferent, because it is not just a show, it is unpredictable and always different, always special and unique. You've probably seen dolphins more than once in an exotic travel brochure, wildlife TV show, or entertainment show. Dolphins are easy to talk to and friendly, so they are easy to train. Of course, they are also very smart, because they are able to understand what is being asked of them and learn to perform even complex tricks in sync. Captive dolphins not only participate in spectacular shows, but are also used in various therapies for people with various disabilities or disorders. Communication with dolphins is believed to have a therapeutic effect. And it is not only assumed, but it has long been proven by science.

However, as wonderful as it is to touch or see a dolphin in a large pool, seeing it in its habitat is a completely different experience. Because nowhere do dolphins feel better than in their real home. And it is in the Canary Islands that there are many natural habitats of dolphins. These are areas untouched by humans. We don't touch them either, however, every guest of the island of Tenerife can admire the life of dolphins.

Dolphins are very intelligent, friendly and sociable mammals. They create families, take care of their children, play, communicate with each other - just like us. Will you really be able to see dolphins during the trip? We guarantee 99% because the dolphins live here all year round, they don't migrate because they have enough food here, the water temperature and local climate are ideal for their life and they are completely safe here.

Although dolphins live underwater, they can only stay submerged for 7 minutes, so they need to come up above the water and breathe air. That's when you'll see beautiful Atlantic beauties jumping or even playing. Their communication with each other and the sounds they make fascinate every traveler. And to make the excursion even more interesting, we will tell you even more interesting facts about dolphins during the trip. Since they are not the only inhabitants of the ocean, we will tell you about other animals.

Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean is relaxing, a kind of escape from the daily hustle and bustle. Privacy, pleasant rocking of the ship, perfect vacation weather and an unforgettable encounter with perhaps the most famous and most endearing ocean mammals - dolphins. Although it is not a therapy or a show, after this trip you will definitely feel "recharged" with energy, relaxed, more cheerful and a smile will not disappear from your face for some time.

Although we have been organizing dolphin watching tours for many years, every time on these trips we ourselves enjoy the adventure, get charged with wonderful emotions, peace and joy of life.

We are the first company in this field in Tenerife to receive a certificate for whale and dolphin watching and crew services for sea excursions, so our many years of experience and a responsible approach to work allow us to provide high-quality, interesting and safe services. Dolphin watching in Tenerife can turn into the best adventure of your vacation, so we invite you to try it for something that will stay in your memory for a lifetime.

When planning a trip, it is worth noting that we organize various types of trips and have a variety of water vehicles, so tell us what your wishes are and we will try to fulfill them. Dolphin watching can be done from various vehicles, we can go by boat, ship, sailing yacht or catamaran. They all come in different sizes and accommodate different amounts of people, but we'll help you choose the one that's perfect for your needs. For even greater comfort, we will treat you to various snacks and drinks during the trips, and for active entertainment, we will arrange snorkeling. In addition, all interested travelers will have the unique opportunity to swim in the Atlantic Ocean themselves.

Dolphin watching in Tenerife is very popular and a favorite pastime for both island guests and locals, but it can be more than just an excursion, but part of an adventure. A romantic evening for two, a family outing, a bachelorette party, a birthday, an unforgettable wedding, a family celebration or a meeting of friends - the ship is a wonderful place for various celebrations and relaxation. Complete privacy is guaranteed while sailing, and the trip can be whatever you want it to be. We will show you the most beautiful places of the Canary Islands, majestic cliffs and bays, tell you what lies under the water and ensure complete comfort for all our guests.

With an additional agreement and for an additional fee, we can arrange for a professional photographer to sail with us on the ship, who will capture all the most beautiful moments of the trip. Snacks are included in the tour price, but if you want hot meals, we will take care of them as well.

We depart from the port of Puerto Colon, which is easy to get to from anywhere on the island, so it doesn't matter where you stay. You can easily reach the port by car, public transport, taxi, on foot or by bicycle. Due to the wonderful climate, dolphin watching in Tenerife is possible all year round, and the dolphins do not migrate from here. But it is recommended to plan the trip as early as possible, because getting to know dolphins is a very popular pastime on this island, so you should book the boat as early as possible.

It is worth noting that during this adventure you will see not only dolphins, but also equally impressive whales, we may even have the opportunity to admire sea turtles. But while seeing the ocean's inhabitants up close is a unique experience, there's more to admire. From the deck of the ship, a completely different landscape of the island of Tenerife opens up, we will have the opportunity to reach places that are invisible and inaccessible on land. The bay and wild beaches untouched by human hands will also not leave anyone indifferent. Of course, there will be entertainment soon, everyone can refresh themselves in the Atlantic Ocean.