Boat rent Tenerife
Jet Ski rent and Jet Ski Safari

Jet Ski rent and Jet Ski Safari

Jet Ski rent and Jet Ski Safari excursions in Tenerife.

Jet Ski Rental in Tenerife without Guide

„Boat Rent Tenerife“ is the only company in Tenerife authorised to Rent Jet Skis to clients without a guide.

In order to ride without a guide you must have a “Small Boat License”

The price includes everything you need to enjoy your day freely exploring the coastline of Tenerife.

The tour departs from Las Americas port Puerto Colon.

Jet Ski rent prices in Tenerife:

  • 1 Hour: €150

  • 2 Hour: €280

  • Half Day (4 Hour): €500

Jet Ski safari tours in Tenerife

Our „Boat Rent Tenerife“ trips offer a fun way to see some beautiful places in the south of Tenerife.


In this 40 minutes Safari we head the west of the island and take you to close to the coast of famous La Caleta Beach, also known as “Hippie Beach”. You will enjoy the views and freedom of riding your own Jet Ski under the watch of our staff.




We head north of the island and we take you to see the wonderful the coast of Palm Mar and El Balito where you will be able to swim and relax under the sun while you enjoy the views. 60 minutes of pure fun and adventure to take an unforgetable memory back home.

  • SINLGE RIDER: 100 €

  • DOUBLE RIDERS: 120 €


We first head north of the island to take you to see the wonderful coast of Palm Mar; after we head west and take you to see the famous Caleta Beach best known as “Hippie Beach”. But the adevnture doesn’t stop here cause later we ride all the way to the beautiful “Turtle Bay” in El Puertito…

  • SINLGE RIDER: 140 €

  • DOUBLE RIDERS: 180 €


We head west of the island as we pass by the famous La Caleta best known as ¨Hippie Beach” and the beautiful ¨”Turtle Bay” in El Puertito. Eventually we will arrive to Los Gigantes to enjoy the breath taking views of the cliffs, caves and spectacular beaches. This is truly a experience to remember and an original way to approach Tenerife’s most amazing landscape.

  • SINLGE RIDER: 230 €

  • DOUBLE RIDERS: 250 €

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More about the trip

Our „Boat Rent Tenerife“  trips offer a fun way to see some beautiful places in the south of Tenerife. Each trip visits different parts of the coastline. Adeje, La Caleta, Puerto Colon, Las Americas, Los Cristianos, Palm-Mar, Los Gigantes. Enjoy the bright blue Atlantic ocean on the best Jet Ski Safari in Tenerife. With different opportunities to see the cliffs of the south coast of Tenerife and to watch out for marine life, all on our jet ski bikes 130 HP.

Fancy a swim or a snorkel? Then check out our 2 hour Jet Ski Safari trip where you get to enjoy the beautiful blue waters to their fullest.
Our Jet Ski Excursion is truly a fantastic experience for everyone thats not to be missed.

“Boat Rent is Tenerife” Number 1 Jet Ski Company, due to high demand we recommend you book with as much notice as possible. Click Our “Book Now Button” or Call us To arrange your Jet Ski Safari here in Tenerife.
„Boat Rent Tenerife“  is proud to be the only company in Tenerife that has the ability to Rent Jet Skis to Clients that hold a Jet Ski License.

If you have a Jet Ski License and would like to take one of our Jets Skis out to explore Tenerife on your own Send us a message for more information.
Depending on the amount of time booked we will go further and have time to stop and swim.
On this Safari the guide we will be taking pictures that you can buy at the end.

Insurance is included in the price.

All customers must sign a document at the begining of the activity accepting the rules and security indications of the monitors.

The minimum age to ride a bike is 16 years old. To carry a companion in a double bike the minimum age is 18.

For the on line booking it is required to show the credit card used for the payment, for security check, and I.D.