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12-seater yacht Bavaria 41

12-seater yacht Bavaria 41

Sailing on the luxury yacht Bavaria-41 to Los Gigantes with swimming in the Masca Gorge

More than 5 million travelers come to Tenerife every year, so there is definitely something to admire here. The island is the largest of the seven Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, and the island’s climate is just perfect for a holiday. As the Spanish island is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, water activities are extremely popular here, some surfing, others exploring the aquatic population while diving, and still others opting for boating. This is exactly the kind of trip we offer. The sailing takes place on the comfortable, spacious Bavaria 49 Cruiser sailing yacht. A yacht ride to Los Gigantes with a swim in the Masca Gorge will make you forget all your worries, and every second of this trip will be simply unique. We guarantee that even after many years of recalling this adventure, a smile will appear on your face!

A yacht ride to Los Gigantes with a swim in the Masca Gorge will allow you to take a trip to the Atlantic Ocean in an exotic, exciting and good mood. This yacht has a comfortable living and dining area, cozy cabins and a spacious deck at the front of the ship. It is on the deck that we will spend the most time, from which you will be able to watch the enchanting nature of Tenerife, fast and playful dolphins, powerful whales, and sometimes even the great sea turtles can be met during the trip. Due to the opportunity to see the inhabitants of the ocean up close, this travel route is extremely popular. This is a unique opportunity to observe dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. These beauties of the ocean feel completely safe and relaxed here, so you will have a unique opportunity to watch them interact, play and take an interest in the environment.

During the trip we will visit the rocks of Los Gigantes, which will surprise you with their magnificence – the rocks of volcanic origin, which reach a height of up to 800 meters above sea level! And in the middle of these rocks is the Bay of Masca, where the water of incredible transparency swells. There are many legends about this bay, it is said that it was once a haven for pirates. Although it is not known whether the pirates actually visited here, the area is truly magical. Surrounded by huge rocks, they naturally protect the area from strong winds and high waves, making the Masca Gorge a perfect place for an unforgettable swim in nature. Also during the trip you will see the towns located on the coast in the palm of your hand, we will sail through the white rocks and the beach of hippies. It’s not just the name of the beach, it is actually home to people who have decided to blend in with nature. They are located in rocks or huts made of stones, branches or other materials found in nature.

When traveling on a yacht, you will be able to completely relax, as you will only sail with the company of your friends, so privacy and comfort are guaranteed. All you have to do is enjoy the stunning nature and interact with the fun company of the people around you. Throughout the trip, we will treat the passengers on the yacht with refreshments, cold snacks, hot dishes and exotic fruits. The yacht is perfect not only for sailing, but also for celebrations. Here you can schedule a reunion with family or friends, or even celebrate an unforgettable birthday. The journey takes about 6 hours. Departing from the port of Puerto Colon, we continue our yacht to Los Gigantes, where we will stop in the Masca Gorge, where all interested travelers will be able to take a dip in the crystal clear water and then return to the port.

This trip is perfect for people of all ages, as everyone wants to dive into an exciting trip. A yacht ride to Los Gigantes with a swim in the Masca Gorge will be fun for both the little ones and the seniors. And on the trip, everything is thought out down to the smallest detail: entertainment,

amazing views, delicious food and refreshing drinks. All you have to do is take a good mood with you, and we will take care of a smooth and memorable journey.
The yacht can accommodate 12 people.

12-seater yacht Bavaria 41

6-hour individual tour to Los Gigantes – € 749
7-hour individual excursion with swimming in the Masca Gorge – € 870

The price includes:
Water, soft drinks, wine, beer and sparkling wine.
Hot sandwiches, cheese, ham, olives and exotic fruits.

Additional services:
Paella with chicken or seafood should be ordered additionally.
The price of 1 paella is 7 €.

We will take care of everything!

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